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    School Improvement Plan


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    Elected School Improvement Team Members

    Member Name


    Date Elected

    Mallory Bishop

    Kindergarten Teacher

    May 2019

    Gayle Canaday

    Teacher Assistant

    May 2019

    Jack Davern


    May 2019

    Maggie Derrick

    3rd Grade Teacher

    May 2019

    Stephanie Ector


    May 2019

    Jill Fisher


    May 2019

    Tia Wilson

    2nd Grade Teacher

    May 2019

    Jeanette Grey


    May 2019

    Jill Horne

    1st Grade Teacher

    May 2019

    Emily Moore

    4th Grade Teacher

    May 2019

    Tracy Pennington

    Assistant Principal

    May 2019

    Wendy Roberston

    EC Teacher

    May 2019

    Cari Schmidt

    5th Grade Teacher

    May 2019

    Darcy Smith

    Art Teacher

    May 2019


    School Improvement Team Meeting Dates

    - - - Meeting Location: Elon Elementary Media Center at 3:15 on designated dates below- - -

    September 9, 2019

    October 7, 2019

    November 4, 2019

    December 2, 2019

    January 6, 2020

    February 10, 2020

    March 9, 2020

    April 6, 2020

    May 4, 2020

    June 1, 2020

    NCStar Key Indicators and aligned Wise Ways support documents
    A1.07ALL teachers employ effective classroom management and reinforce classroom rules and
    procedures by positively teaching them.
    A2.04Instructional Teams develop standards-aligned units of instruction for each subject and
    grade level.
    A4.01: The school implements a tiered instructional system that allows teachers to deliver
    evidence-based instruction aligned with the individual needs of students across all tiers.
    A4.06: ALL teachers are attentive to students' emotional states, guide students in managing
    their emotions, and arrange for supports and interventions.
    A4.16: The school develops and implements consistent, intentional, and on-going plans to
    support student transitions for grade-to-grade and level-to-level.
    B1.01: The LEA has an LEA Support & Improvement Team  
    B1.03: A Leadership Team consisting of the principal, teachers who lead the Instructional Teams,
    and other professional staff meets regularly (at least twice a month) to review implementation
    of effective practices. 
    B2.03: The school has established a team structure among teachers with specific duties and time
    for instructional planning.  
    B3.03: The principal monitors curriculum and classroom instruction regularly and provides
    timely, clear, constructive feedback to teachers.
    C2.01: The LEA/School regularly looks at school performance data and aggregated classroom
    observation data and uses that data to make decisions about school improvement and
    professional development needs.  
    C3.04: The LEA/School has established a system of procedures and protocols for recruiting,
    evaluating, rewarding, and replacing staff.  
    E1.06: The school regularly communicates with parents/guardians about its expectations of
    them and the importance of the curriculum of the home (what parents can do at home to
    support their children's learning).  

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