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    My name is Cheryl Henderson and this is my fifth year at Highland!  In case you are new to Highland, I am married and have two children. My son Josh is 24 is in the military and was recently married.  So I have a new daughter-in-law and two grand-dogs.  My daughter Sarah is 19 and is beginning her second year in college!  So, to help keep me busy at home we have two babies, Daisy a yorkie and Echo a jack russell mix.  They keep us on our toes!  
    In regard to my teaching experience, I have over 11 years of experience working with exceptional children.  It is my belief that learning is an interactive and social process and that the most effective learning happens when students are working in a positive, collaborative learning environment.  I also believe that a key ingredient to learning is to remember than children are always growing and that it is just as important to celebrate the small successes along with the big ones.
    Please note that I am in a new classroom this year.  I am in the old PT/OT classroom, A42.  This room is located on the left just before the doors that exit to the playground.    Please feel free to call or email any time.  I will try to return your call or email before I leave for the day or at least within 24 hours.  
     Daisy          Echo