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    Welcome to our Kindergarten Page! 
    You will find lots of information about our classroom and things that are happening around the school. 
    Welcome to Kindergarten!!!
    We are looking forward to a great year with all of our new Kindergators! We have lots of fun activities planned throughout the year. I hope you will check back often for information.
    Here's what we are doing in class: 
    ABC ELA: 
    Students will be working with Ms. Jackson for Language Arts. They are working on CVC words (c-a-t, d-o-g, etc) as well as many important story features. (characters, setting, major events) They will also work on answering questions about a story. Students are also learning about rhyming words and syllables. In small reading groups with me we will be working on print concepts. (front/back of the book, punctuation, which way to track when reading-left/right, top to bottom, title, where to start reading, etc) We are also working on sight words and reading strategies.
    math Math:
     In math we are learning about addition and subtraction as well as decomposing numbers. This means we are taking a number (6) and breaking it apart into its number pairs (5+1, 4+2, 3+3, 2+4, 1+5, 0+6, 6+0). We will also begin working on breaking apart teen numbers into groups of ten and more ones.
    science Science:
    We are currently working on a unit about weather. We are using our 5 senses to help us learn about the weather and the seasons.
    social studies Social Studies: 
    Students will work with Ms. Jackson for Social Studies. They are working on needs and wants.
    Below are our sight words. You can begin working on these now. We will learn 4 new words a week in class. There are over 150 sight words that Kindergators are to know by the end of the year so the more practice they have the better! 
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