• ELA/SSWelcome to 7th Grade English/Language Arts

                 with Ms. Chatman in RM. 107

                         Email: sabrina_chatman@abss.k12.nc.us
                         Phone: 336-570-6150
                         Twitter: @chatmanspace
                         Insta: chatmanspace

      "If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat."



    What Can You Expect This Year?

    So glad you asked!

    Our classroom theme this year is "The Menagerie". (Not sure what that means? Take a minute to Google it. You might find it helpful to know in the first week of school ;) ).

    We will spend time each day reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Keep an eye out for the "Article of the Week" (AoW) assigned each Monday because it will provide exposure to our world and an opportunity for class discussion during the Friday Forum. 

    Side note: If you prefer to use your earbuds, please bring a pair to class. 


    *Please be prepared to LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR BOOKBAG during class. "If I see it, I take it."*


    Check out my introduction to our room: Chatman's Introduction to 2019-2020


    Digital Breakout for Math: Treasure Hunt