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    Welcome to my website!
    Mrs. Ray-Rasheed
    First Grade


    I am an educator. I promote learning through worthwhile tasks, and real life experiences. In using worthwhile tasks, the students are being engage with activities that are kinesthetic, visual, and audio. Appealing to all types of learning styles, each child gets information according to the way that they learn so that they can be their "best self". I also use real life experiences  to promote purpose for learning. I find that when a person knows the purpose of their learning, they are willing to do their best. 
    When it comes to discipline, I use positive reinforcement, modeling, and role playing.  The modeling and role playing activities are to teach the students how one should behave. Positive reinforcement gives attention to appropriate behaviors. By giving attention to appropriate behaviors, students that are not complying to the rules begin to do the correct behavior to get the positive attention as well.
    Graduating in January 2010 from Georgia State University, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with an ESOL Endorsement. I was also accredited by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission in 2010 and State of North Carolina State Board of Education Department of Public Instruction for July 1, 2014. I have taught kindergarten for three years at an accredited private school. Now I am enjoying teaching first grade at Grove Park Elementary.