Please visit the following website to view Parent Letters for our Math curriculum.  This will help answer any questions you may have about Math Concepts that we are teaching.  You must click the grade level first, and then select "Family Letters."  https://www.eduplace.com/parents/mthexp/?_sm_byp=iVVTSSW7k0J4S1DR 

    Second Grade 2019-2020 Supply List 


    *Must purchase planner from school
    *Headphones - must purchase from school (unless you have last year's)

    1  1”  3-ring binder

    Pencil pouch with 3-ring binder holes  

    Pencil box

    1  5-subject spiral notebooks

    1  3-subject spiral notebook

    Pencils and erasers

    Wide ruler notebook paper

    Glue sticks


    Colored pencils



    1  3-pronged folders (plastic folder)

    2  2-pocket folders (with holes)

    1 roll of paper towels

    Box of tissues

    Lysol wipes

    2 packs of thin Dry Erase Expo Markers


    Classroom Supplies  

    Girls bring:  gallon, snack, sandwich, & quart size bags

    Boys bring:  hand sanitizer & baby wipes 

    2nd Grade Schedule