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    Third Grade 2020-2021 Supply List

    *Must purchase a planner from school

    *Headphones - available for purchase at school20-

    1 inch 3-ring binder

    Pencil pouch (no box)

    #2 Pencils (no mechanical pencils please)


    Twistable colored pencils



    Dry erase markers

    2 packs Fine Tip black dry erase markers



    Glue sticks

    2 three-subject notebook (math/reading)

    2 composition books (science/SS, spelling)

    3 two-pocket plastic folders - red, yellow, blue

    1 pack of dividers


    Classroom Supplies:

    Hand sanitizer

    Hand soap

    Clorox wipes



    Lexile Information and the EOG
    Students are tested for their current Lexile level three or more times throughout the school year, which is another measure of their reading level.  Individual goal setting conferences are held with each child and their information is graphed in the front of their planner. Click here for a video that explains the Lexile measure https://youtu.be/AiFm2Jr8FzY
    We will focus on using https://lexile.com at school (in the classroom and media center) to find books on your child’s reading level. Your child should be reading books 100 points below and 50 points above their level in order to help them make significant growth in their reading. Please help us help your child select books they enjoy at their reading level. 
    Our closest indicator to how students will perform on the reading EOG is their accurate Lexile level which is measured by the RI (Reading Inventory). Below is a list of Lexile correlation with EOG achievement levels.
    Level 3 Sufficient Command     SRI score of 725L - 790L
    Level 4 Solid Command             SRI score of 795L - 1025L
    Level 5 Superior Command         SRI score of 1220L and above

    Quantile score based on the scholastic Math Inventory
    All third grade students participate in the Scholastic Math Inventory throughout the year to measure progress. Our closest indicator to how students will perform on the math EOG is their accurate Quantile level which is measured by the MI ( Math Inventory).  Students take the MI assessment at least 3 times throughout the year.  Ask your teacher and child about their personal Quantile measurement. This measurement is also used by the middle school to help determine math placement. 

    Below is the correlation between math level and EOG performance. 
    Level 3 Sufficient Command   SMI score of  610Q to 675Q
    Level 4 Solid Command  SMI score of           680Q to 884Q
    Level 5 Superior Command   SMI score of          885Q and Above
    Please visit the following website to view Parent Letters for our Math curriculum.  This will help answer any questions you may have about Math Concepts that we are teaching.  You must click the grade level first, and then select "Family Letters."  https://www.eduplace.com/parents/mthexp/?_sm_byp=iVVTSSW7k0J4S1DR

    What are we learning this nine weeks?
    1st nine weeks
    2nd nine weeks
    3rd nine weeks
    4th nine weeks