•  Fifth Grade 2019-2020 Supply List 

    *Must purchase a planner from school

    *Headphones - must purchase from school (unless you have last year's)

    1  1” 3-ring binder

    Pencils for the year

    Notebook Paper for the year

    Extra pencil erasers

    Colored pencils or crayons

    Dry Erase Markers

    2 packs Fine Tip black dry erase markers

    Pencil  Pouch


    Glue Sticks


    6  2-pocket folders w/holes   Colors of green, red,  yellow, black, blue  & orange

    6  1-subject composition notebooks – same colors as the folders

    1 Marble composition book


    Classroom Supplies

    Boys bring:

       Band aids

    Girls bring:

      Baggies (all sizes)

    Both Bring:

       Box of Tissues, Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, and Lysol Wipes

    Lexile score based on the Reading Inventory
    All  students participate in the Reading Inventory throughout the year to measure progress. Our closest indicator to how students will perform on the math EOG is their accurate Lexile level which is measured by the RI ( Reading Inventory).  Students take the RI assessment at least 3 times throughout the year.   We will focus on using https://lexile.com at school (in the classroom and media center) to find books on your child’s reading level.  Your child should be reading books 100 points below and 50 points above their level in order to help them make significant growth in their reading. Please help them by using these resources to find books that your child is interested in reading (fiction and non-fiction) within their reading level in order to see improvement. Click here for a video that explains the Lexile measure https://youtu.be/AiFm2Jr8FzY
    Below is the correlation between reading level and EOG performance. 
    Level 3 Sufficient Command     RI score of 985L - 1050L
    Level 4 Solid Command    RI score of 1055L - 1305L
    Level 5 Superior Command    RI score of 1310L and above