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     "Stock your mind...It is your house of treasures and no one in the world can interfere with it."
    -Frank McCourt
    Mrs. Jessica Crites, Room 317
    English 10 and English 10 Honors
    Phone: 336 570-6161 
    Google Voice: 336-645-9237 
    Materials we use in English 10 and English 10-Honors - 2015-16 Crites
     Except for the student's personal spiral notebook, I provide materials for those who need them in class.
    • Large spiral notebook (I recommend a Five Star multiple subject notebook). We will do almost all of our work in this notebook. DO NOT LOOSE IT!
    • pencils/pens (you may use different colored pens for note-taking but I ask you do assignments in blue/black ink or use a pencil)
    • highlighters (there are ones in the classroom to borrow, but feel free to bring your own! You will use them almost every day!)
    • Colored pencils (for marking the text, but again, there are some in the room to use)
    • glue stick or clear tape to attach notes and activities into your notebook (I will provide some in the classroom but you may want to have a personal one)
    • index cards (4 x 6)  - need by first week in September
    • sticky notes/post it notes are optional for students who would like to use them for taking notes. 
    • Summer Reading Assignment (first day of class) -- optional for English 10, required for English 10-Honors