• Electronics Use (4220.4, Rule # 8)

    Except as permitted by this policy, no student shall use, display, transmit or have in the “on” position on school property or any wireless communication device or personal entertainment device, including but not necessarily limited to,   cell   phones, pagers, two-way radios, CD/ MP3 players, and electronic games, or any laser pointer or similar devices during the instructional day. All electronic devices used or possessed in violation of this policy will be confiscated. In the event of multiple violations of this policy, the principal may prohibit the student from possessing the device on school premises. This rule does not apply to personal vehicles.

    Food and Drink Policy

    Drink cups other than clear plastic water bottles will be allowed in the halls.  Food will not be allowed in the hallway.

    Students will be allowed to bring a drink to class at the teacher discretion.  Students will be responsible for knowing which classes allow these items.

    Fast food and other outside food will not be permitted to be brought to the front office for students to pick up.  Students will not be allowed to pick up outside food and beverage in the front office.  It will be held until dismissal at 3:25 at which time it can be picked up.

    Note: Students will be responsible for maintaining a clean environment.  Garbage is not to be left anywhere but in the appropriate receptacle.  Spills will be cleaned up immediately and abuse of this policy will result in its termination and a more restrictive policy will be put back in place.


    Tardy (4220.4, Rule # 5)

    It is the responsibility of the student to arrive on time for school and class.  Excessive or unexcused tardies are considered a disciplinary problem and will be handled through the school disciplinary procedures.  If you arrive after 8:20 you are required to report to the office to sign in.

    Tardy - Lunch Detention Process

    • Upon arriving to class after the bell the following process will be followed:

      • Student will receive a lunch detention slip (1st and 2nd block will serve that same day, 3rd and 4th will serve the next school day)

      • The ISS teacher will be notified of who has been assigned lunch detention

      • 5 minutes before the student’s lunch period begins they will be dismissed to the cafeteria to pick up their lunch

      • Once they have their lunch they will report to lunch detention in ISS

      • Students will then have a silent lunch in ISS

      • The ISS coordinator will send a list of names of students that did not report as scheduled

        • Arrive 2 minutes after lunch bell or skip lunch detention and receive ISS for the entirety of 3rd block the next day

    • Repeat offenders with multiple tardy policy violations will receive additional consequences at the administrator’s discretion

    Skipping (4220.4, Rule # 5)

    Skipping - On Campus

    1st offense - 1 day OSS

    2nd offense - 2 days OSS

    3rd offense - 3 days OSS

    4th offense - admin discretion

    Skipping - Off Campus

    1st offense - 2 days OSS

    2nd offense - 3 days OSS

    3rd offense - 4 days OSS

    4th offense - admin discretion

    Note: Seniors caught taking an underclassman off-campus for lunch will lose their off-campus lunch privileges at the discretion of administration, including for the remainder of the academic year.

    Early Dismissal

    All early dismissals will be handled through the main office.  A student planning to check out of school early during the day must bring a note signed by the parent/guardian on the day they will sign out.  This note should be given to the attendance secretary before 8:20 am on the day of their early departure.  Before leaving school, the student must check out through the main office.  A student leaving for a school-sponsored activity is responsible for notifying his/her teacher. A student must have a pass from a teacher to sign out between classes or during lunch.

    Should a student become ill while at school, the parent will be called to take the student home or to secure permission for the student to drive home. An administrator or secretary must speak with a parent/guardian, or authorized emergency contact person BEFORE the student can leave school.  If students are not in the office or not checked out properly, the class absence will be considered an unauthorized absence and disciplinary measures may be taken.  

    Updated August 16, 2016