• Need to report a problem with your computer?
    1. Click here or go to Staff Links > Web Help Desk
    2. Log in with your ABSS user name and password.
    3. Select one of the items in the Request Type pull-down menu.  
    • If it's your computer, select 2. Staff Computer Issue.
    • If it's a student computer, select 3. Student Computer Issue.
    • If your projector quits or nothing in your room is working, select 1. Classroom Down.
    • For other issues, select the appropriate item.
    4. Once you make your selection, complete the online form.  
    • In the Subject line, describe the problem in 3-7 words. ("Teacher laptop won't boot.")
    • In the Problem Detail section, give details about the problem.  ("Whether it's plugged in or not, no lights are lit and nothing happens when I push the power button.")
    • Select the day and time when it is more convenient to come.  That doesn't mean the technician will come then.
    • In the My Assets section, make sure to select the asset number of the item that's having the problem.  Make sure you click the Save button.