• Need to report a problem with your computer?
    1. Click here or go to Staff Links > Web Help Desk
    2. Log in with your ABSS user name and password.
    3. Select one of the items in the Request Type pull-down menu.  
    • If it's your computer, select 2. Staff Computer Issue.
    • If it's a student computer, select 3. Student Computer Issue.
    • If your projector quits or nothing in your room is working, select 1. Classroom Down.
    • For other issues, select the appropriate item.
    4. Once you make your selection, complete the online form.  
    • In the Subject line, describe the problem in 3-7 words. ("Teacher laptop won't boot.")
    • In the Problem Detail section, give details about the problem.  ("Whether it's plugged in or not, no lights are lit and nothing happens when I push the power button.")
    • Select the day and time when it is more convenient to come.  That doesn't mean the technician will come then.
    • In the My Assets section, make sure to select the asset number of the item that's having the problem.  Make sure you click the Save button.
    5. Once you have clicked Save, email Dale about the problem.  I teach during 6th, 7th, and 8th grade electives;  I may be available to help during PRIDE and immediately after school.