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    Mr. Morton
    Room 135 A
    Science Lab


    I'm Mr Morton, a 2nd Grade Teacher at Elon Elementary School. 
    I'm originally from Glasgow in Scotland, UK.
     Map of Scotland
    Scotland is a beautiful country. It has some incredible scenery, a rich history and is full of very friendly people (like Mr Morton). The only downside is sometimes the weather isn't very nice, but the amazing views often make up for it.
    Eilen Donan  
    Scotland has produced some important individuals whose inventions and ideas are still changing the world. For example John Logie Baird invented the Television and Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin, the first antibiotic drug. Nowadays Scotland is more famous for this:
    This man is wearing a Kilt, the national clothing of Scotland. Kilts come in all different colors, that was important in the past so that people knew which clan you were from and also so they knew whether or not you were the enemy during battle! The bagpipe is a traditional instrument often played at important national events and special occasions such as weddings, they sound like this:
    I grew up in a small town called Westerton, my elementary school was called Westerton Primary School and it looked like this: 
    Here's a few photos of Mr Morton back in his Elementary School days:
    Happy to be heading to school  
    My mood improved with the addition of a blazer:
    And by the time I was nearing the end of Primary School I was beginning to enjoy myself.
    All smiles  
    And my High School was called Boclair Academy, it looked like this:
    I studied for my Bachelor's degree at the University of St Andrews. It's the 3rd oldest University in the English speaking world and it's also where Prince William and Kate Middleton met whilst they were students there. While at University I studied Psychology with Biology and was the President of the University Tennis Club.
     St Andrews Cathedral  St Andrews Robes
     After studying in Scotland I moved to the University of Exeter in England to gain my teaching qualifications. From there I moved to London, the capital city of the UK to teach my first class.
    London Night  London Skyline
    Here's me on my balcony the day before I moved to Elon.
    I worked at a school in central London called Canary Wharf College where I was a Grade 2 teacher and the school's Science coordinator. You can visit that school's website here: http://www.canarywharfcollege.co.uk.
    Try looking at their website and see if notice some similarities and differences to our school.
    I left Canary Wharf College in 2013 and began working at the Science Museum in London. I worked in a part of the Museum called the Launchpad where people could get hands on with different science experiments.
    I also started my own company running holiday camps during the school holidays, it was called Camp Canary and you can see some of the activities we did by looking at our website: https://www.campcanary.co.uk/
    And now after all that I'm here in Elon!