• On this page you will find some great examples of what is going on at Smith Elementary School to help create a more globally-aware school atmosphere.
    Third grade teacher, Mrs. Harris, has created an engaging learning corner for her students about Africa. There are authentic artifacts from Africa on the bulletin board for her students to see! 
    Even our Pre-K students are going global! Mrs. Willis & Mrs. Elder have created a global chart that displays where their students' families are originally from. 
    In Mrs. Foutz' 3rd grade classroom, she had the students create African "Flip Book" word problems by integrating imports and exports from various African countries.
    wordproblem  africaproblem  algeria
    In 1st grade, the students learned about Diwali, an Indian holiday that is similar to our Thanksgiving.  
    Diwali  Diwali1
    In 2nd grade, the teachers integrated global studies to their scientific study of weather by having the students record the weather forecast in Latin American countries. They also created a script and acted out the weather report. 
    latinamerica  weatherperu  weatherDR
    In 3rd Grade, students researched and created menus with food from different African countries.
    menusafrica  menu  africanmenu
    In Mrs. Vickers' Art class, 5th graders created watercolor paintings depicting the Sonoran Desert, which covers a large area of the Southwest portion of the United States.
     desert  desert1  desert2