• Interior Design I - I am very excited about teaching Interior Design this year! This is my 6th year at Eastern Alamance. I have a PhD in Consumer, Apparel, Retail Studies from UNCG and have been a designer for about 30 years. I LOVE sharing my interests with students and helping them explore their creative side.


    Dr. Beth Bell



    Course Description:
    This course examines housing and interior decisions that individuals and families make based on their needs, the environment, and technology. Emphasis is placed on selecting goods and services and creating functional and pleasing living environments based on sound financial decisions and design principles. Skills in mathematics, technology, and art are reinforced in this course. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include field trips, job shadowing, service learning, and school-based enterprises. FCCLA leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply instructional competencies and workplace readiness skills to authentic experiences.


    Course Supplies & Requirements:

    1. 70 page spiral notebook
    2. Glue sticks (lots of glue sticks)
    3. Fine tip markers or pens
    4. Foam board for design projects


    Materials needed (Donations):

    1. Interior design, housing, family magazines (Southern Living, Better Homes, Elle Decor, Good Housekeeping, etc)
    2. Samples of home decor (flooring tiles, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles, paint chips, carpet pieces that can be cut down, etc.)
    3. Foam board, glue sticks, composition notebooks, colored printer paper
    4. Paper towels
    5. Hand soap
    6. Paper plates for paint palettes etc.
    7. Plastic condiment containers with lids for paint etc.
    8. Any markers, pencils, rulers, etc.


    Students will use a 70 page spiral notebook for all of their learning experiences this semester. All resources will also be available on the class Canvas webpage. If a student misses work or is absent, they can access all assignments through this page. Please contact me via email if an absence  will last longer than one day so that I may send any work missed.


    Expectations of students

    RESPECT each other and learn something that means something to you!


    More to follow…………………..


    Evaluation & Grading:

    40% Projects

    30% Tests

    30% Class Assignments