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  • Welcome to Biology I Honors!

    This semester will be full of engaging lessons and activities which will be implemented through projects, labs, homework/class work, tests and quizzes.           The prescribed course of study will include the following units:   

    Unit I.  Structure & Function of Living Organisms

    Unit II.  Ecology

    Unit III.  Evolution & Genetics

    Unit IV.  Molecular Biology


    Grading Scale:   90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, Below 60 F

    Grades will be weighted and comprised of the following:

    Labs - 20%

    Tests/Quizzes - 50%

    Class work/Homework - 15%

    Projects - 15%


    Communication is imperative to the successes of your child.   Please feel free to email or call me at anytime!

    336 506-4001

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