• Learning is an adventure! Welcome to Mrs. Lane's Class!
    Mrs. Wendy Lane
    During COVID 19 school closure, students need to continue to learn and grow. Please have fun learning with your child and stay healthy!



    Pick 3 each day: One from each category




     Create your own story

    Draw pictures and write about them. 

    Or make puppets using materials you have at home (socks, paper bags, plastic forks, etc)

    Set up a pretend store and buy and sell items from your house or that you make.

    Play outside or play a non electronic game such as a card game or board game.

    Write 5 words to make a word ladder

    Example:   start with a CVC word, change only 1 letter at a time to make a new word.

    man, tan, tap, sap, sip, rip

    New word: bed

    Go on a Scavenger Hunt around the house or outside

     In 5 minutes, how many blue things can you find? In 5 minutes how many red things can you find? Which color had more? Which had less? Create a math problem with the numbers.

    Screen time/use technology

    Read a book, then make a poster showing the characters and events in the story.

    Cook with an adult.  Follow a recipe and measure ingredients.

    Create with legos, play doh, or art supplies