• QMs. Quadrio (Ms. Q)
    Room 102
    6th grade: Exploring Career Decisions, 7th and 8th grade: Technological Systems



    This is my 18th year teaching middle school.  Technological Systems is a project based class that explores computer programming, computer aided drawing, structural systems, inventions and innovations, and rocket design.   50% of class is using computer applications. 
    This is a semester course.
    There is minimal homework and all projects will be facilitated in class.  7th graders need to bring in a 2 liter Soda bottle for their water bottle rocket. 
    Career Decisions allows students to  self-assess, matching interests to career choices, explore the world of work, research careers, and
    learn about education and career planning.  There are opportunities for leadership development, critical and creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork and technology applications.  This class is for nine weeks.
    Class expectations are:  
    Be on time to class and prepared with a pencil.
    Follow instructions.
    Apply all safety procedures.
    Be respectful of other students, materials and equipment, and yourself.
    Take responsibility for your learning.