• Third St Clubhouse

    Third St Clubhouse Before/After School Care 


    LOOKING AHEAD:  2019-2020 School Year 


    • All students attending Third St. Clubhouse will need to fill out the online registration form.
    • Please also fill out the ABSS Addendum Form. You can print and return to Third St during open house. Printed copies will also be available that night.



    Third St Clubhouse Handbook


    See the ABSS Addendum to Afterschool Care Rules and Regulations. It is very important you follow the guidelines outlined to have your child remain in our program. Please sign, date, and return this form in with your registration form.

    Monthly pay:                                      Weekly pay:

    AM;..$30.00 per month                      PM...$45.00 per week

    PM...$180.00 per month                    AM/PM...$50.00 per week

    AM/PM---$200.00 per month                               

    Part Time Rates...$100.00 for 10 days each session

                              ($10.00 for each additional day)

     ***** Two months fees, per child, are due before they can attend Third St. ****

     If you are new to Third St., you will be able to pay online once your child is entered in the system. 



    Withdrawal and Re-enrollment Process

    If you elect to withdraw your child, you must turn in an AFTERSCHOOL CARE TERMINATION NOTICE. These may be obtained in the school office, from the daycare director or counselor or online. We require a two-week notice for all withdrawals.  Without a withdrawal note, charges will continue to accrue to your account.

    If you wish to change your child’s status (example part-time to full time), you must complete a CHANGE OF STATUS REQUEST. This too, may be obtained in the school office, from the daycare director or counselor or online. You may only change your child’s status one time during the current school year.



    Delinquent accounts will be grounds for suspension from the program.  In addition, a weekly administrative charge of $10.00 will be assessed on all outstanding accounts not to exceed $20.  Payment will be considered late if not paid by the Thursday after the child has stayed.  Failure to pay the bill after a two-week period will result in suspension from the program until the payment is made.


    • If we receive one NSF, we will no longer be able to accept payment by check. If you have a NSF check you are required to contact CHECKredi at 1-800-239-1222.
    • Reentering the program will be based on space, availability, and payment record.
    • If you pay on a weekly schedule and payment is not received by Thursday of the current week, a $10.00 late fee per child will be added to the account on Friday. If you pay monthly, a late fee will be assessed on the 6th of each month.
    • Late pick up: Any parent arriving late will be required to pay $1 per minute that they are late picking up their child.  After 3 incidents of late pick up, the child will be suspended from the program for 1 week.  After 3 additional incidences students will be removed from the program.  


    Online Payments

    You will need your child's powerschool number to complete online transactions. If your child is new to our school, we will provide you with your child's powerschool number as soon as they are available.

    You may also make your payment online by visiting:              http://osp.osmsinc.com/abss

    At the top of the of the page, choose Pay Child Care to create an account.



    The program is located in the gym, cafeteria, and playground. The pickup desk is located in the gym.  If children are on the playground, the cones will block the driveway between the playground and gym and parents will need to park in front of the school and walk around to the gym.  When the cones are not out, you are welcome to pull up to the gym and come in and sign your child out.



    The 3rd Street Clubhouse program will provide an afternoon snack each day. If your child is unable to eat certain snacks or would like seconds, they may bring a snack from home. Please alert us on the application form of any food allergies your child has.


    Hours of Operation

    Before School Care will begin at 6:30am and end at 7:20am on the days that the school operates on a normal schedule.

    After School Care begins at 2:40pm and ends at 6:00pm on the days that school operates on a normal schedule.

    Should modifications need to be made to the 3rd Street Clubhouse calendar, parents will be notified.


    Daily Schedule

    All children will be exposed to a number of activities throughout the school year.  A sample schedule is listed below.

    Before school Care

    6:30-7:15         “Quiet Time” Enter quietly and find a place to sit.  Soft talking, reading and quiet games are permitted.

    7:15-7:20         Clean up time. 

    7:20-7:30         Children going to breakfast are dismissed, everyone else sits by grade level, talking quietly.


    After School Care

    2:40-3:00         Roll call, bathroom break, and snack.

    3:00-4:00         Homework (1st-5th grade)

    4:00-6:00         Rotations (playground, gym, and cafeteria with games and art)

    6:00                 After school program closes.


    Registration for the 3rd Street Clubhouse Before/After School Program 

    • Parents/guardians will be required to fill out a registration form online. Each application must be completed in its entirety. Registration will also be accepted throughout the year providing space is available.  At all times, the 3rd Street Clubhouse Program will attempt to maintain a low teacher to student ratio of 1 to 15.
    • We will not discriminate against applicants because of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, special needs, or age.
    • Children must be enrolled at South Mebane in grades K-5


    Safe Arrival/Departure of Children

    • For Before School Care, children should be dropped off at the gym.
    • A staff member will sign in all children for Before School Care.
    • For After School Care, children will leave their classroom at the end of the school day and be sent directly to the gym. A Third Street employee will sign them in.
    • Parents/guardians are required to sign the “sign out sheet” and note the time when their child(ren) are picked up.
    • Parents/guardians are to pick up their child(ren) directly from the program at or before closing time (6:00pm).
    • If a child will be absent from the regular school day due to illness, he/she should not attend the After-School Program that day. The program site does not have the facilities to care for sick children.
    • Any parent/guardian not wishing for his/her child to go outside because of a physical condition, should send a note stating such to the Director.
    • Parents/guardians should notify the Director and the school if there is a change of address, work or home telephone numbers, or emergency contacts (persons who can be notified if parents are unavailable).
    • If a child is being picked up by someone other than the parents or is going to leave with another child, the Director must have written or verbal permission from the parent. We will ask for ID to make sure that person is listed on the registration sheet or note.
    • We strongly recommend the children not be released to anyone under the age of eighteen. Staff must see the person picking up the children and they must sign out.
    • When a child is not picked up by closing time, 3rd Street Clubhouse After School staff will call the parent’s/guardian’s home, work, and cell phone numbers. If there is no answer, he/she will call the emergency numbers given for the child.  If neither parents/guardians nor emergency contacts can be reached within 45 minutes after closing time, the staff will call 911, ask for the social worker on call and explain the situation, and will remain with the child until further action is taken.


    School Closures/Late Openings Due to Inclement Weather

    When school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, the 3rd Street Clubhouse After School Program does not operate.  Please talk with your child and notify their teacher about what he/she should do if this happens. If you are not part of the “Early Bird” program, you may not drop your child off during delayed starting times.

    • 1 hour delay- 3rd Street Clubhouse Before School Care will open at 7:30am.
    • 2 hour delay: 3rd Street Clubhouse Before School Care will open at 8:30am.
    • 3 hour delay: 3rd Street Clubhouse Before School Care will open at 9:30am.
    • If there is a cancellation of the school day, the daycare will not operate and a Connect-Ed phone call will go out to all households. You may also locate information on the ABSS website at abss.k12.nc.us as well as WFMY New 2 or FOX 8.



    Student Conduct & Third St Clubhouse Program

    Appropriate behavior is required for students to remain in the Third St Clubhouse Program. Expectations for student behavior are the same as expectations during the school day.  These expectations are detailed in the ABSS Student Code of Conduct and are distributed to all students at the beginning of each school year.

    Minor incidents will be handled by the counselors.  Parents will be alerted to any problems or patterns of misbehavior through this Daycare Discipline Referral Form, phone call, or conference.  Repeated behaviors or patterns of misbehavior may also be referred to the director and/or our assistant principal or principal.  Possible consequences for misbehavior are listed below. 

    Possible Consequences

    • Sits with Counselor
    • Sits with Director
    • Conference with Student
    • Parent Contact
    • Loss of Privilege
    • Suspension From Daycare   
    • Other (will be noted on this Daycare Discipline Referral Form)                                                     

    In the event of a serious infraction, suspension from the program may be necessary for either a short term or permanent timeframe.  Suspension from the program means that the student will not be allowed to participate in the Early Bird or After School Care program for the duration of the suspension.  After three documented incidences, your child may be removed from the program for the remainder of the school year.  

    Payment/fees are not refunded for the period of a suspension.  If a student is removed from the program for the remainder of the school year, the parent will be refunded any money that has been paid for any time after the student has been removed from the program.  The parent will be given a 5 day grace period before the student is officially removed so that the parent can make other arrangements for the student. During the grace period, the student will be removed from group activities.



    When a child needs medication to be administered by the 3rd Street Clubhouse staff, the parent must:

    • send only prescribed medicine in its original container with instructions, date the prescription was filled, the physician’s name and the child’s name on the label;
    • school medication sheet must be completed by the physician before any medicines (prescription or over the counter) can be administered.
    • send written permission for the 3rd Street Clubhouse staff to give the medicine to the child along with the information concerning any side effects of the medication;
    • inform the staff when the medication is to be discontinued. The unused portion will be returned to the parent.


    Illness of Children

    If a child has any of the following, he/she will be isolated from the other children until the parents/guardians can be contacted to pick him/her up:

    • suspected signs of a communicable disease;
    • continued nausea or diarrhea;
    • constant cough or difficulty breathing.
    • complaints of sore throat or chest discomfort;
    • discharge from or inflamed tissue around the eyes or ears;
    • any visible rash or skin sore with suspicion of a communicable nature;
    • oral temperature of more than 100 F;
    • continuing headaches and general malaise.


    Contagious Diseases

    If your child or family member has been exposed to a communicable disease such as chicken pox, impetigo, lice, scabies, strep infection, etc., the parents will be asked to please inform the program director.  When the staff identifies a child with a communicable disease, the child will be separated from the other children until a parent/guardian can pick up the child.  Information will be distributed to the other parents in regard to these situations for their awareness.


    Technology Devices

    Per the SME handbook, the following personal technology devices are not allowed at school unless otherwise noted for special occasions:

    • Cell Phones
    • Smart Watches
    • Handheld Gaming Devices
    • Tablets
    • Computers

    If a student has any of the above-mentioned devices at Third St, the device will be held by the staff until the end of the day.


    3rd Street Clubhouse Closings Calendar 2019 – 2020

    September 2 - Labor Day Holiday (closed)

    September 18 - Teacher Workday (closed)

    October 16 - Early Release Day (closed PM)

    October 29 - Teacher Workday (closed)

    November 5 - Teacher Workday (closed)

    November 11 - Veterans Day Holiday (closed)

    November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break (closed)

    December 23-January 3 - Winter Break (closed)

    January 20 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (closed)

    January 21 - Teacher Workday (closed)

    February 5 - Early Release (closed PM)

    March 11 - Early Release (closed PM)

    March 27 - Teacher Workday (closed)

    May 3 - Early Release (closed PM)

    April 10-17 - Spring Break (closed)

    May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday (closed)

    June 10 - LAST DAY Early Release (closed PM)


    If a parent/guardian has a matter of concern about the program, he/she is encouraged to consult the Director, Maryann Camuto (336) 264-9040 (work) or (917) 847-3025 (cell).