• The local community first began Sylvan School in 1866 near Cane Creek Friends Meeting Hall. In 1912, the community built a two story brick and clay facility on the present day school site. (It sat in the space between the current office and library) Sylvan School first served students across ten grades but gradually grew over the decades to include twelve grades. As the number of students grew, school leaders added a dedicated gymnasium and cafeteria. The gym in particular, became (and remains to this day) a central part of the local community. It saw usage as a meeting hall, event space, and community sports arena. In 1960, Alamance County consolidated grades nine through twelve into high schools leaving Sylvan to serve only grades one through eight. In 1968, growing populations pushed school leaders to add yet another building onsite for grades one through five. Unfortunately, in the winter of 1974, fire completely destroyed the original (1912) two story structure. There were no deaths, but the unexpected loss was a shock to the entire community. Many elders still speak of "The Fire" as if it happened just a few years ago. In the fall of 1974, Alamance County consolidated grades six through eight into middle schools leaving Sylvan to serve grades one through five and a newly added Kindergarten program. It was then that Sylvan School became Sylvan Elementary. School leaders continued to develop Sylvan Elementary over the decades adding more buildings in the 1980's, 1990's, and most recently in 2010. 


    Painting by artist Walter Creech. 
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