• Sylvan School was founded in 1866 near the current school site. The first school building on the present day site was a two story brick and clay facility constructed by the local community in 1912.  Sylvan School began as a ten grade school and gradually became a twelve grade school. Over the years, school leaders added a gymnasium and cafeteria. In 1960, Alamance County consolidated grades 9-12 into high schools leaving Sylvan to serve grades 1-8. By 1968, a growing population caused school leaders to add another building just to serve grades K-5 while grades 6-8 remained in the original two story structure. In early 1974, fire destroyed the two story structure. In the fall of 1974, Alamance County consolidated grades 6-8 into middle schools leaving Sylvan to serve grades K-5. School leaders continued to develop Sylvan over the decades adding buildings in the 1980's, 1990's and most recently in 2010. 


    Painting by artist Walter Creech. 
  • Sylvan School