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    Mrs. Corbett aka Mrs. C


    This is my 4th semester as the online facilitator at GHS.  I am a local as I was reared in Burlington coming through ABSS - Eastlawn, Broadview & CHS.   I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Elon in Communications however my trails led me through a 15 year career path in the healthcare arena from billing to customer service to clinical trials to clinical research assist before venturing into the education arena.  Now I am here to facilitate your online quest whether for an original credit or to recover a credit or two.   You will be encouraged to use your time wisely and efficiently navigate through our online web based platforms APEX or NCVPS.  Both very user friendlyOnline courses are not for everyone because you must have self discipline and know that your success is ALL UP to YOU!  I look forward to this 5th semester, Spring 2019.  Get ready for your online ride!   I encourage parent connection so feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns. 

    Mrs. Corbett