Rising Seniors: 
    Check your email for the schedule for senior pictures.  If you have questions about schedules, outfit choice, props or anything regarding summer senior portraits, below is the contact information to use. Please do not call the school office about summer pictures; we do not have that information. Thanks!!
    There is a code printed on the postcard that Lifetouch sent to your home. Use that code to go online to prestigeportraits.com and login. From there, you can change schedules or get other information. If you did not get the postcard or don't have the code, please contact Lifetouch. 
    Our contact at Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits is Rachel Chapin. She can be reached most easily by email: rachel.chapin@lifetouch.com. The office number to call is 336-765-7288. If for some reason you cannot reach Rachel, you can also contact Bianca Smith: bianca.smith@lifetouch.com.
    Have a great summer!