• books Welcome to 6th grade science!
    Ms. Brogden
    Room 110
    6th grade science
    Email: deborah_brogden@abss.k12.nc.us



    I have been working in middle schools for more than 20 years and love it!  Graham, NC is my hometown, so  I am very happy to be returning to Graham Middle as a member of the 6th grade Inspire Academy and the House of Brioso (Go Purple!).  
    Let's talk science:  Students stay quite busy in this class because the entire 6th grade science curriculum is compacted into a single semester (half year).  Fortunately, each class session is about 90 minutes so much can be accomplished during that time.   It is essential that students remain focused and engaged daily in class.  All students take the NC (Science) Final Exam at the end of this course.   
    Students were issued a laptop computer, and they will use it frequently in science class.  EVERY day students must be prepared to learn with their  computer, their own earbuds/headphones, binder, and a pencil.  Please check with your child periodically to make sure they have necessary school supplies. 
    Assignments for this class are posted in Google Classroom (ask your child to show you).  Students have unlimited access to materials posted so they can work at their own pace, view and review material as needed.  Students must keep an organized and complete science notebook.  We add new vocabulary and notes weekly.  Additionally as your child does assignments posted in Google Classroom, they will be adding to their notes, writing summaries, recording scores, making drawings, revising definitions, etc.  It is SO IMPORTANT for them to have their science notebook (binder) daily. 
    Expect your child to have a science quiz about every 5 days and a Test about once a month or so.  Additionally students are graded (heavily) on the work they complete in class...much of which is online.  If your child talks excessively, plays around on the computer instead of working, or fails to follow instructions-- they WILL get behind and their grades will suffer.  Please remember to check the progress reports that come home about every 3 weeks and grades online via PowerSchool.  I want ALL students to be successful in this class and have designed instruction so they can be successful!  Students just have to do their part--- pay attention, use time wisely, and follow instructions!  
     Please talk to your kids about what they are learning in science.  If they cannot speak about the current topic in an understandable way, have them review it using their science notebook and Google Classroom.  Anytime you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at the above link.  Thank you in advance for your support.  -Ms. Brogden