• books Welcome Global Social Studies
    Mr. A. Swann 
    Room 119
    Seventh (7) grade 

    This is my 2nd year teaching at Graham Middle School and my 2nd year teaching 7th grade. It is exciting to see my student's progress throughout the year and I ALWAYS encourage parent involvement. Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns.
    Dear Learners and Parents, Welcome to 7th Grade Global/World History! I am so excited and happy to be working our new talented group of learners. You will take an NC final and it is important that parents and learners understand that failure is not an option. This class will be both exciting and challenging and I have very high expectations for the learner.  I am emphasizing a classroom culture of professionalism.  Professionalism in Mr. Swann's class and in the real world is defined by 3 characteristics: Responsibility, Accountability and Citizenship. Learners will be responsible for their work and behavior, accountable for the consequences of their choices and decisions, and expected to demonstrate citizenship in working together with others in teams, to help each other learn and grow. Bottom line the learners will learn to ENGAGE disagree/ agree. Strength, RELATIONSHIP building for a better local and national COMMUNITY.
    I am here to help learners achieve, pass the class and have a good time along the way. I want learners and families to feel comfortable (1 LUV) come in peace and leave in peace approaching me with any problems or concerns.