•         Welcome to English I at Eastern Alamance High School—thank you for enrolling in the course! English, from prose to poetry, is a fascinating field of study; one that has portrayed, influenced, and affected the evolution of human beings for centuries. Yet, is English still relevant in this age of technology?


            Via close readings of canonical works from Homer and Shakespeare to their American literary descendants, myriad journalistic and informational texts, and other memorable voices, we will attempt to understand and become adept at utilizing a language nearly one-millennium old. Along the way, you will (hopefully) come to learn more about yourself, others, and the capricious yet consistent world in which we live.



    English I

    Robbie Gfeller ('Mr. G')

    Room: A-7



    2017 Fall Schedule

    Period 1: Honors (H)

    Period 2: College Preparatory (CP)

    Period 3: College Preparatory (CP)


    2018 Spring Schedule

    Period 2: College Preparatory (CP)

    Period 3: Honors (H)

    Period 4: College Preparatory (CP)


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