E.M. Yoder


    E.M. Yoder Elementary is a global school located in the heart of downtown Mebane, North Carolina.  We are part of a strong and supportive community. Our active PTA and parents help our school and students experience success. Our teachers and staff are committed and dedicated to learning that is focused on  helping all of our students to experience success.

    School Vision:

    E. M. Yoder aspires to establish a safe, caring environment where students are engaged in purposeful rigorous learning relevant to the 21st Century in preparation for a globally competitive world.

    School Mission:

    Our mission at E. M. Yoder is to provide children with a safe environment and a meaningful education for success in a globally competitive world!

    What We Do As A Global School?

          As a global school we are focused on helping to connect our students with the world through engaging our students in global inquiry related projects.  Each grade level is focused on learned about the world through a different lens.    

    Kindergarten: Oceania

    First Grade: Asia

    Second Grade: South America

    Third Grade: Africa

    Fourth Grade: Europe 

    Fifth Grade: North America

    Our teachers design instruction that integrates globally themed content and inquiry based projects with the grade level standards.