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    As the School's Data Manager, one of my roles is to oversee daily attendance reporting. We want all our students in school everyday!  When circumstances prevent a student from attending school, we appreciate you sending in notes telling us why your student was absent. Please be as specific as possible so an absence can coded correctly. For example, if a parent note comes in saying a student was absent for "personal reasons," we need more details such as an illness, a doctor/dentist appointment, or the death of a close family member. If a note comes in saying "Please excuse my child," but does not specify the reason for the absence then the absence is considered unexcused until we are provided a reason. At the bottom of this page you will find more details on the school system's attendance policy (This information can also be found in the rules section of the students' planners).


    This year we are pleased to offer parents the opportunity to email me directly with your student's absence notes. If you would like for your student's teachers to collect missed assignments (to be picked up by you in the office), you will need to email the teachers directly --- feel free to CC the teachers on your emailed notes that you send me.




    Miranda Roberts

    336-438-4000 ext 40305



    ATTENDANCE: Attendance in school is imperative for educational success. School attendance is required by state law for all children between the ages of seven (7) and sixteen (16). The primary responsibility for school attendance rests with students and parents. The ABSS School Board seeks the full cooperation of parents in promoting good attendance and punctuality. Parents and legal guardians must ensure that students attend and remain in school daily. No person shall encourage, entice or counsel any child to be absent from school unlawfully.


    The principal must assure adherence to attendance policies and regulations and notify parents of their responsibility under the Compulsory Attendance Law (G.S. 115C-378). Teachers must monitor and report student absences on a daily and class period basis and follow all rules and regulations concerning attendance. The K-8 policy specifies that a student with more than twenty (20) absences during the school year may be subject to retention. Parent conferences will be held when a student accumulates an abnormal number of absences. After fifteen (15) absences, a letter will be sent to the parent or guardian to appear before the attendance committee to provide documentation that the absences are legal. It is the state attendance policy that a student must be present at school 1⁄2 of the day to be counted present. If a student comes in after 11:53 a.m., he/she will be marked absent. The 1⁄2 day rule means any amount of time that adds up to a 1⁄2 day. Please remember a child must be present at school to attend extracurricular activities on the day of the event.

    EXCUSED ABSENCES: When a student must miss school, a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be presented to the teacher or principal designee within 2 days after returning from an absence. An absence may be excused for the following reasons:


    1. Illness or injury which prevents the child from being physically able to attend school.
    2. Quarantine, defined as isolation of the child as ordered by the Alamance County Health Department or by the State Board of Health.
    3. Death in the Immediate Family. The immediate family generally includes grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters.
    4. Medical, Dental, or Other Health Care Provider Appointments when accompanied by a written excuse with the health care provider’s signature or stamp. Whenever possible, such appointments should be scheduled during non-school hours.
    5. Court or Administrative Proceedings at which the attendance of the child is required. Verification of required court attendance must be submitted to the appropriate school official.
    6. Religious Observances, if the tenets of a religion to which a child or his parents adhere require or suggest the observance of a religious event. The parent/guardian or custodian must seek prior approval of the principal for such absences, and the approval should be granted unless the religious observance or the cumulative effect of religious observances is of such duration as to interfere with the education of the child.
    7. Educational Opportunity, such as travel with a valid educational component. Prior approval from the principal or designee must be obtained.
    8. Local School Board Policy: The principal or designee may excuse temporary or occasional absences for other reasons in accordance with local school board policies, provided that the student has been in attendance for at least one-half of a school day during the current school year.
    9. Absence Related to Deployment Activities: Additional excused absences may be granted for a student whose parent or legal guardian is an active duty member of the uniformed services and has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or immediately returned from deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting for the purpose of visiting said parent or legal guardian.


    Extended illnesses require a statement from a physician. Once a student has accumulated more than 10 absences in a school year (or more than 5 consecutive absences), a doctor’s note (or other documentation approved by the principal) is needed to excuse any further absences. This standard does not apply to medically fragile students as defined in the NC School Attendance and Student Accounting Manual and approved by the principal.


    All absences not classified as excused are deemed unexcused. An absence also will be deemed unexcused unless the student’s parent/guardian or custodian provides written documentation of the reason(s) for the absence to the principal or designee within two (2) school days of the student’s return to school.

    Whether absences are excused, unexcused or because of school suspensions, the student will be permitted to make up his or her schoolwork. The student is responsible for finding out what assignments are due and completing them within the specified time period.


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