There are ways to help us year round earn money, please help us where you can ! 


    Be sure to link up your merchant cards to EM Yoder so we can get credit for your purchases ! It's an easy way to contribute to our school with no extra money out of your pocket !

    Here's the link to link up your Lowe's Foods card:


    Here's the link to link up your Harris Teeter card:


    If you're shopping online please go through the website below, we'll earn a % of your purchases with all of the options below ! 

    When shopping online please go through http://www.schoolstore.com  once you get to the website, search for EM Yoder Elementary School PTA, click support this school, then find your merchant you wish to shop !  There are over 400 online merchants that will donate a certain % of your purchases to us ! Easy way to support the school with no extra money out of your pocket ! Why not help us out when you're shopping online anyway ! 


    BoxTops Contests every month ! 


    My Coke Rewards, we accept My Coke Reward points.  You can donate them to the school through:

     https://us.coca-cola.com/give/   just scroll to find "Donate to Your Local School", search for our school EM Yoder Elementary School PTA, and  enter your codes , or you can send in your unused codes to school, and we will enter them.

    You can find codes on Dasani Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, & Minute Maids drinks ! Cases, 12packs, & individual bottles have codes on them! Cases and boxed 12 packs are on the bottom plastic wrapping & inside the box, respectively! 




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