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    Dance Team Tryouts


     Tryout Rules & Guidelines

    Tryouts are postponed at this time. We will send out information with dates. 


    No dance will be automatically carried over from one year to the next.  Everyone must try out.


    During tryouts you must wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothes.  


    Please do not wear shirts with “dance” writing (designating studios, clinics, competitions, etc.).  


    Hair should be up in a ponytail, bun, or braided (unless of course, it is too short).


    Southern Middle School does NOT allow parents to watch tryouts or practices.  

    Please arrive promptly before 5:00 to pick up your child each day from tryouts.


    Tryout Requirements



    Each participant will perform technique skills individually.

    • Double Pirouette
    • Chaine Turns
    • Best Leap and Straddle Leap
    • Right, Left, and Straddle Split
    • Kicks
    • Trick of dancers choice



    Participants will learn one dance during the first day.  The dance will be performed in groups on the second day. All participants will perform the dance twice for the judges.


    Coach’s Observations

    During both days of tryouts, each participant will be watched for their ability to follow directions and focus, their attitude and effort during practice, their ability to work with others and their ability to be taught.


    **You must have the following forms on file in order to participate in tryouts.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  


    Please read the information in this link prior to completing forms.


    The needed forms are the following: (click on the links)

    Forms for Physical and Concussion can be found on our athletics website     

    • Completed Physical on file with the Athletic Department   
    • Concussion Awareness Form


     Any questions please email me at casandra_slagle@abss.k12.nc.us