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    Room: 103

    Email: Edwin_Wheland@abss.k12.nc.us

    I am a second year teacher at Broadview and this is my first year teaching Visual Arts. I am originally from Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) and have made North Carolina my permanent home. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from West Chester University. My major was Graphic Design and I have also extensively studied architecture, photography, art history, and many other areas. I am also a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. I am a huge nerd/geek and proud of it, an avid animal lover (especially big dogs!), and spend as much of my free time with my fiance, pets, and huge family.


     bob ross quote from "The Joy of Painting"


    In the words of the late, great Bob Ross “We don't make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.” and in my classroom, we live by this motto. I believe that anyone can be creative, make beautiful art, and have fun all at the same time as long as they use their imagination and simply try their best. My intention is to foster a fun, safe, engaging environment for the students that is built upon honesty, mutual respect amongst the students as well as myself, and a place for them to show their creativity all while learning without realizing they are learning!


    Feel free to email me at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have. Also please make sure to check out the Student Artworks section of this page to see examples of the works created by the students. 

    Starry Night Over The Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh

     One of my favorite paintings :-)