• What is a Title 1 School?

    Main qualification: 50% or more of the student population qualifies for free/reduced lunch program. Federal funds are allocated to each Title 1 school by specific formula to be used to enhance instruction and provide additional services to students. Hillcrest is currently at 71.07% free/reduce lunch. However, all of our students receive free lunch and breakfast because Hillcrest is a  CEP school.

    CEP stands for community eligibility provision.  It means that instead of using free/reduced lunch forms that are sent home, the federal government tells ABSS how many of your students qualify based on governmental assistance that your families receive at home (such as food stamps, etc...)  The government then reimburses child nutrition at a certain rate to pay for your students' breakfast and lunch.


    Below is partial list of the ways we are using the federal funding to support our students at Hillcrest.



    Paying for a full time Nurse and Social Worker


    Academic interventionist to work with students in our Tier process


    Full time translator and a family and community liaison. (This is a new position and has not been hired)


    Purchase basic classroom supplies for every student and provide additional supplies as the school year progresses


    Multiple parent/community events throughout the school year


    Utilize for resources for students and staff development


    Purchase Chrome Books for 2nd grade. 


    Title 1 Parent Involvement Plan