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    I will happily help you in any way that I can, please just let me know! We will be working on Canvas daily so please check that out each day. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at Candace_Pugh@ABSS.K12.NC.US

    Materials Needed:


    1 inch Binder

    Loose leaf paper or a composition notebook

    Ear buds for laptop

    Laptop and charger (checked out from school)

    Dry Erase Marker (optional)

  • As per Ms. Faucette's most recent ConnectEd phone call and the announcement on SAHS homepage, "Cell phones are not allowed to be out during class time. Students will receive 1 warning to put their phone in their book bag, pocketbook or in a designated place in the classroom. [for my class, the warning is posted on Canvas, this webpage, as well a verbal reminder t the beginning of class for everyone to put their electronics away] Students are NOT to take their phones to the bathroom during class. If, after a warning, the student gets their phone out again, it will be taken up. If the student refuses to give up their phone, the administration will come to get it and the student will get suspended."

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  • Late Work Policy - All assignments for Q2 will be graded according to this late work policy. *Work is expected to be completed by a specific deadline, if work is submitted after the deadline, you will lose 20 points each day it is late. That means after 1 week, you will not have any points left to earn on the assignment. If you are absent, you are still responsible for completing your assignments on time. If you have an excused absence then you work will be accepted 1 week after your return. If you miss a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to schedule yourself for multiple Success Academy sessions the following week to make it up. If you cannot make up your assessments completely during Success Academy then you will need to make arrangements with me before or after school.

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  • Tardy Policy - Offenses 1-4 are minor but will be documented in Educator's Handbook, after that it is an office referral. Parents are contacted for #1-4 before it gets turned over to admin. *If you are late because you were with a teacher, have that teacher email me and/or send a late note with you. Also, if you are tardy because you just arrived to school, make sure that you check in with the office, turn in your excuse note, if you have one, and bring the print out that you are given to class.*

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  • IF you are absent for an extended period of time for COVID quarantine, then you are welcome to "join" class by signing into the Zoom link below. You will be placed into a waiting room until I approve you. I may not always be at may computer so please be patient. If you have any questions, you can message me in chat while you are on Zoom. 

    Zoom Class Meeting

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