• phelps

    Lea Phelps
    Seventh Grade
    Language Arts

    Welcome to 7th grade English/Language Arts at Western Alamance Middle School!  I'm so excited to examine the foundations of Language Arts with you this year! With my training and teaching pedagogy based in experiential (hands-on) education, you are going to be active participants in your own Language Arts development. In this class, we're going to be exploring different genres of literature, studying different forms of poetry, learning about points of view and characterization, researching different forms of writing, practicing public speaking, and much, much more!  I'm really looking forward to seeing you progress throughout the year!

    Now that you've learned a bit about the class, here's a little bit about me.  Although relatively new to North Carolina, ABSS, and Western Middle School, I am not new to teaching.  In other counties in other states, I have taught Theatre Arts, English, and Leadership Development to students of varying ages.  I have a husband who works and teaches at Elon University, a son who is a part of the WAMS "Braves" culture, and boy/girl twins who are wreaking havoc in their third grade class!  Oh, and my family also has a pet pig named Sir Hamlet of Lauder (Hamlet, for short).   

    Indeed, my home life is a day-to-day carnival, but I'm looking forward to establishing routines with you that provide for a successful academic year all around!

    Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns you might have.

    Let's do this!

Last Modified on August 20, 2019