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    Welcome to Coach Egg's American History Class!


    My name is Casey Eggleston (Egg-uull-ston) and I will be teaching American History 2 and American History 2 Honors classes this year.




    Room 219



    I am a 2005 graduate of Williams High School. I attended both Western Carolina University and University of North Carolina- Wilmington. I received my degree in Physical Education and Health then added my Social Studies content background during my professional career. I perviously worked at Ray Street Academy, as well as Blessed Sacrament School. This will be my 7th year in the teaching profession. I also have been a coach in Football and Lacrosse for WHS in the past. I have a beautiful wife , a two year old son, and a newborn that keep me busy in my time out of school, however I also like to participate in fishing and disc golf.


    Class Schedule:



    1st- Planning

    2nd- American History 2

    3rd- American History 2 Honors

    4th- American History 2




    1st- American History 2 Honors

    2nd- American History 2 Honors

    3rd- Planning

    4th- American History 2



    Class Supplies:


    *Notebook (bound or spiral)*

    *3 ring binder (preferred) or folder*

    *Pencils/Pens (blue or black)*

    *Colored Pencils (prefer a 24-color pack, but at least a 12-color pack is required)*

    Pencil Pouch w/3 rings for binder (recommended - the colored pencil boxes fall apart quickly)

    Handheld Pencil Sharpener for colored pencils (recommended)


    You will be responsible for keeping notes in a notebook, and assignments organized in a binder or folder. Both will be brought to class DAILY and used on quizzes and assignments periodically. We often use colored pencils for map activities so it is required that you have a set of at least 12-colors, although a 24-color pack is preferred.  I understand that purchasing many things at the start of the school year can be difficult, especially in families with multiple children.  Please be sure to talk to me (in person, via email, or even a note) if you are having trouble getting of the necessary items for class.
    Missing Work Policy:
    I will do my best to have all home work and project activities posted in as many areas as possible so due dates are clear. I reserve the right to bend my policy on a case-by-case basis *if* I feel it is reasonable for the student to have extended time for an assignment. Late or missing work will be recorded as follows;
    1st day late: -20%
    2nd day late: -50%
    I will not accept late work after two days late. PLEASE WRITE ASSIGNMENTS DOWN!
    If you are absent for one or multiple days, I will allow the work to be submitted late for full credit based on the number of days you missed. It will be the students responsibility to turn in missing assignments and ask for copies of lecture notes from myself of another student.
    Cell Phone Policy:
    I ask that all cell phones and headphones/earbuds be put in your pocket or purse, out of sight during instructional time. I will incorporate small breaks into all classes so you can check your phones. My policy is that I will make a clear announcement at the beginning of class to put them away. If they are out after this, I will ask you to put them in the plastic bin at the front of the class until the end of the period. Choosing not to do so will result in ISS for the remainder of the period.
    There will be times that you will be able to use your phones during class for research purposes. If you fail to use them for this reason, you will be asked to put them away. Please be smart about your device usage.