Elementary Learning Community

  • Jean Maness, Chief Elementary Officer 

    Jean Maness

    Chief Elementary Officer
    336-438-4000 ext. 20067

    The Elementary Learning Community is committed to guiding and supporting elementary administrators with the knowledge, skills, and attributes of an effective leader in the areas of instruction, vision, and community.  Our goal is to assist elementary administrators to develop the capacity to increase student achievement and learning through data-driven decision making.


    The Elementary Learning Community is dedicated to:

    • Building the capacity of all elementary school administrators through the North Carolina Executive Leadership Standards in the areas of:
      • Strategic Leadership
      • Instructional Leadership
      • Cultural Leadership
      • Human Resource Leadership
      • Managerial Leadership
      • External Development Leadership
      • Micro-Political Leadership
    • Effectively working with the Elementary Curriculum Team Members to provide and support a high-quality and comprehensive education for ALL students.
    • Coordinating and supporting specialized programs in the elementary schools (Global Schools, Leader in Me, A+ Arts Program, STEM/STEAM).
    • Resolving elementary administrative matters.
    • Communicating and problem-solving with parents and community members.
    • Overseeing and guiding the Title I Program and the Title I Pre-Kindergarten programs.