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    Lunch Schedule (updated 8.25.19):
    LUNCH 1: 11:40-12:05: E2, E3, E5, FA1, FA2, All Science, P. Smith Internship, PM CTEC students (bus leaves before noon).
    LUNCH 2: 12:10-12:35: A Building and D Building
    LUNCH 3: 12:40-1:05: E4, Mobile, G2, G4, Media Assistants, C2, C3, C6, B Building
    LUNCH 4: 1:10-1:40: Ag, Band, Dance, M1, M2, Gym, HUT, HE 1-4, C4, C7, C8



     Go over events for the week - Connect Ed sent on Sundays - share Good News - build relationships.



      Virtual Tour - College Exploration

      9.3.19  UNC Wilmington

      9.10.19  High Point University

      9.17.19  UNC Greensboro

      9.24.19  UNC Pembroke

     10.1.19  Greensboro College

     10.8.19  Alamance Community College

     10.15.19  NC State University

     10.22.19  Wake Tech Community College

     10.29.19  East Carolina University

     11.5.19 Western Carolina University 

     11.12.19 NCA&T State University 

     11.19.19 Campbell University 

     11.26.19 UNC Charlotte 


     12.3.18 University of South Carolina

     12.10.18 William Peace University

     12.17.19 Davidson College


     1.7.19 Coastal Carolina University




     wednesday          ACTword3  



      Career Exploration

      9.5.19  The History of Career Tech with ACTE’s Gary Moore (4:13)  (4:13 video)

      9.5.19  10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs  (7:50 video)

      9.19.19  A new blueprint to American construction trades (8:55 video)

      9.26.19 Career Accelerated Program: Apprenticeship is for You! (1:08 video)

     10.3.19 CTE = Career & Technical Education - Making a Difference (2:25 video)

     10.10.19  How To Find Your Passion (9:47 video)

     10.17.19  Futuready: Career Exploration  (3:40 video)

     10.24.19  Top 10 Skills for Success in any Career  (8:38 video)

     10.31.19  CAP -  Career Accelerator Program (Apprenticeships) (2:34 video

                                Job Interview Tips--Part 26: How to find the perfect student job (3:22 video

     11.7.19  National FFA WLC - I Believe In Developing Leaders  (7:38 video)  

     11.14.19  9 Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree (9:04 video)

     11.21.19  Alamance County Career Accelerator Program (3:56 video
                      For more info and to apply: AlamanceCAP.com


     12.5.19  5 Habits to Give Up if You Want to Be Successful (7:30 video)

     12.12.19  Nontraditional Careers - Break Free of the Career Barrier That Limit Your Career Choices (9:42 video)

     12.19.19  Mike Rowe talks career and technical education - Part 1  (3:50 video


     1.9.20 Body Language That Gets The Job | Forbes (4:26 video)



      Health, Safety and Fitness Tips

      9.6.10   Importance of Drinking Water (3:16 video) 

      9.13.19   Sleep and Teens (4:00 video) 

      9.20.19   Curating Your Social Media Presence (2:54 video

      9.27.19   7 Tips for being Healthy for Teens (6:56 video)

      10.4.19   Cyberbullying Facts (3:30 video)

      10.11.19   How Much Caffeine is Too Much?  (2:08 video)

      10.18.19   How to be Confident  (3:00 video)

      10.25.19   Teen Driver Safety Advice  (3:53 video)

      11.1.19   Fact-Check images you find online (2:23 video)

      11.8.19   Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep (5:44 video)

      11.15.19   Wear your seatbelt, even in the back seat. (2:15 video)

      11.22.19   Stress Management Strategies (5:05 video)


       12.6.19   How Much Caffeine Is Too Much? (2:08 video)

       12.13.19   How Bad Do You Want It? by Eric Thomas (4:38 video)

       12.20.19   How Bad Do You Want It? Part 2. by Eric Thomas (5:50 video)


       1.10.20   8 Signs Your Body is Begging for Vitamin D (8:20 video)




































































































































    Panorama Survey TAKEN HERE  
    (to be completed 10/21 thru 10/25 - print your class roster and keep track of who has taken it) 


    9th Grade and Foods I: Eating Pattern Survey


    Bus Safety Video  

    Links from Homeroom - Fall 2018 semester 

    Links from Homeroom - Spring 2019 semester 

    Here's a short video that gives an overview of the FAFSA as well as what documents to include: fafsa


    Panorama survey: surveys.panoramaed.com/alamanceburlington  



    Simplified EARLY RELEASE Schedule:
    Homeroom - 8:10 - 8:25

    1st Block - 8:30 - 9:15
    2nd Block - 9:20 - 10:05
    3rd Block - 10:10 - 10:55
    4th Block - 11:00 - 12:15



    CTEC is operating on an AM class schedule, so PM students will be reporting to the Media Center for 3rd and 4th blocks.
    Please work with your ACC students if they are coming and going at odd times tomorrow (they need to be at their ACC classes on time). 


    ABSS High School Course Fair video     


    The ACT is coming soon....February 20th!  Please incorporate these ACT Test Prep materials in all Junior Homerooms AND if you teach Juniors feel free to show them in your classes (it won't hurt them to see this information more than 1 time).   The PowerPoints are super easy to follow and should only take 5-10 minutes to present. 

    We appreciate your willingness to help us try to prepare our students for the upcoming ACT.  Please let me know if any of the materials need further explanation or if you need help in any way.  


    Day One:
    What is the ACT/ACT Orientation  - Please show this 6 minute video which gives an overall orientation about the ACT.


    Day Two:
    SAHS ACT Test Prep Day 1- Please present the PowerPoint attached (Test Tips Day 1-Test Prep- 4 slides). 


    Day Three:
    General Tips Test Prep- Please present the PowerPoint attached (General Test Tips Prep- 5 slides). 


    Day Four:
    English Test Tips- Please present the PowerPoint attached (English Test Prep- 7 slides). 


    Day Five:
    Math Test Tips- Please present the PowerPoint attached (Math Test Prep- 7 slides). 


    Day Six:
    Science Test Tips- Please present the PowerPoint attached (Science Test Prep- 6 slides).