• 2018-19 Class Bell Schedules


    2018-19 Student Handbook Highlights   https://prezi.com/view/hk5L0Mu9kgKYkqZ0xAC4/ 


    Lunch Schedule (updated 8.31.18):
    LUNCH 1:  E Bldg, FA1-2, G Bldg, SC1-6 and PM CTEC students (bus leaves before noon).
    LUNCH 2:  C1-3 & 5-7, D Bldg and Coach Sarratt's Block 23
    LUNCH 3:  A1-3 & 5-7, B1-2 & 4-8, and Mobile
    LUNCH 4:  A4B3C4C8, Band, Dance, Gym, HE1-4, Media, VE1-8 and Weight


    The Panorama (Social/Emotional) survey window is September 5-12, 2018 and should be completed during 3rd block. A copy of what you will read to your class has been placed in your box (blue paper). Remember, everyone must have this completed by September 12. (This link will support you in administering the surveys.)  Here is the web link for the students to take the survey.




     Go over events for the week - Connect Ed sent on Sundays - share Good News - build relationships.




      Virtual Tour - College Exploration

             9.4.18:  East Carolina University


             9.11.18 UNC Wilmington College Tour      (Seniors & Tweeners only:  College Fair)


           9.25.18 High Point University College Tour


             9.25.18 Virginia Tech University College Tour



    wednesday          ACTword3  



      Career Exploration

             9.6.18: CTE: Getting Ready for Life After High School (7:04 video)


            9.13.18: SENIORS & TWEENERS ONLY: Questions to ask at a College Fair (questions)

            9.13.18 Career Technical Education - Making the Difference (2:25 video)    and    CTE is Cool (38-second video)


          9.20.18 10 Surprisingly High Paying Jobs  (7:50 video)


             9.27.18 How To Find Your Passion (9:47 video)





      Health, Safety and Fitness Tips


             8.31.18: Administration (Handbook Highlights)


             9.7.18: Importance of Drinking Water (3:16 video) 


           9.21.18: Sleep and Teens (4:00 video) 


             9.28.18: Curating Your Social Media Presence (2:54 video) 






















































    CTEC is operating on an AM class schedule, so PM students will be reporting to the Media Center for 3rd and 4th blocks.
    Please work with your ACC students if they are coming and going at odd times tomorrow (they need to be at their ACC classes on time). 


    Lunches for 3 hour Early Release during 4th block.

    Lunch 1: starts at 10:55 -- E Building, G Building, C Building, SC 1, 2, 3 & 5, Band, Dance, FA1

    Lunch 2: starts at 11:23 -- A Building, B Building, D Building

    Lunch 3: starts at 11:53 -- B3, C7, VE, PE/HUT, M1 & M2, HE1, Media and PM CTEC





    Beginning on Tuesday, September 4th, there is a new traffic pattern in the mornings for the stadium parking lot. The only entrance will be the entrance near the tennis courts and the only exit will be the exit near the school.  There will be signs and cones in place. This should provide us with a safer arrival for everyone.  Thanks for your patience and understanding as we adjust our traffic pattern.  Again, this is only for the mornings.



    Attached is the schedule for today, September 17... you will need to scroll down a little...
    Below is the  lunch information needed for today - please share with students before the end of first block.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation...
    Lunch #1 (11:10-11:36):  Year-Long ( D5, D7 & Sarratt); PM CTEC (they will miss 2nd block); Dance, E Bldg; Media and SC1-6
    Lunch #2 (11:40-12:06):  A Bldg; B Bldg; HUT2 and Mobile
    Lunch #3 (12:10-12:36):  C Bldg; D Bldg and G Bldg
    Lunch #4 (12:40-1:05):  Chorus; FA1 & 2; Gym; HE1-4; HUT1; VE1-8 and WR