• Our school couldn't run as smoothly and efficiently as it does without the support and donations that we receive from our partners and friends in the community. Special thanks to:


    • CrossLink Women's Group
    • People's Church
    • Hawfields Presbyterian Church
    • Hawfields Presbyterian Women's Group
    • Old Navy
    • Samantha Zimmerschied with Levi Strauss & Co.
    • Cone Health
    • Sheila Rudder
    • Greg Powell, Jennifer Kennedy, and her daughters (with CrossLink Church)

    Cone Health  

    (pictured from left to right: Cynthia O'Neal, Ambraya Timmons, Michelle Ammann, and Melanie Orton)


    • Animal Hospital of Mebane

    Animal Hospital of Mebane


    • XPO Logistics

    XPO Logistics Donations


    Crosslink Church


    • Scott Stone

    Scott Stone  

    Old Navy


    • Operation Wink 

    Operation Wink  


    • Crosslink Church (Loving our Schools)

    Loving our Schools


    • Lowe's


    To all of you,

    Gator Thanks Sign