• Our Vision

    We will engage students in challenging learning opportunities matched to individual needs in order for each child to reach their maximum potential.


    Our Mission

    We will improve the quality of life for students and maximize individual student learning by providing: collaborative learning opportunities, targeted interventions, digital learning environments, personalized learning opportunities, and a plan to address student well-being.


    Our School Focus

    We are Focused on Learning through:

    • Collaborative Learning
    • Targeted Intervention
    • Digital Learning Environment
    • Opportunities for Personalized Learning
    • Student Well-being


    We are focused on the values of Respect and Responsibility.

    Respect for:

    • Diversity
    • Others' Point of View
    • Learning
      • Appropriate behaviors at school
      • Achievement at school

    Responsibility for:

    • Self
      • Through hard work and determination
      • Through attention to personal health
    • Others
      • Through kindness
    • School
      • By taking care of the school and school equipment