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    HS 1 Syllabus

    HS 2 Syllabus

    Hello Health Science Classes,

    Today we will begin week 3 of online instruction. Hopefully your transition by now is going smooth as you are settling into the new normal. This week we will work towards meeting during regular school hours. I have been very lenient to this point. That said, moving forward, ALL assignments will be due by 3:15PM on the due date. If you were in the classroom that's the end of the regular school day.

    You will find each unit in your classroom folder. The power point presentations for lecture, your study guides, term quizzes and unit tests will be available to access. Due dates are in RED.


    The marking period ends Friday 4/3/20. Stay focused, keep up the good work and finish strong. 


    I will be available for questions via email during regular school hours Monday through Friday 8:00 AM through 3:30 PM. I hope to see each of you soon! 

    Mrs. Napolitano 😀 


    1st Block Health Science 2

    2nd Block Planning

    3rd Block Health Science 1

    4th Block Health Science 2

    Tutoring:  Available by appointment