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    Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies

    I would like to welcome you scholars to expanding your skills and knowledge of the world. In 7th grade Social Studies you will learn about the history of the world starting from the Renaissance to modern day in order to gain detailed understanding of our interdependent world. In this course we will explore the world's patterns of change through conflict and cooperation, economic development, population shifts, cultural values and beliefs, political thought and organizations, and the impact of environment over time. Our discovery and exploration will be conducted by examining the similarities and differences responsible for the various factors that shaped the regions of globe and developed societies.

    To achieve our goal of world learning you will survey the history of the world through its history, geography and environmental literacy, economic and financial literacy, civic and governance and its culture.

    Required Materials
    1. Pencils or Pens  
      Pens Pencils
    2. Your School Issued Chromebook
      ABSS Chromebook

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Students are scholars and will report to class on time, in their seats, and ready to learn.
    2. Scholars will complete and turn their assigned work in on time.
    3. Scholars will seek out help from their teacher with any question on all assignments.
    4. Scholars will follow all the guidelines and instructions laid out within the Student Handbook.
    5. Scholars will be dressed and behave according to the instructions laid out within the Student Handbook.
    1. Classwork/Groupwork/Homework                50%
    2. Unit Test/Module Quizzes                            30%
    3. Unit Projects/Notebook                               20%
    Grading Scales
            A:  90% - 100%         D:  69% - 60%      
            B:  89% - 80%           F:  59% and Below  
            C:  79% - 70%
    Academic dishonesty will result in failing grade and loss of Respect.




    Scholars during this virtual learning time surveys are being used to find out much information needed to help us get back into the classrooms. Please be sure that you are completing the surveys that are being emailed to your student email accounts.

    Please fill out this survey scholars (Sept. 29th through Sept. 30th)


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