• Lesson Plan April 6 - 10 Welcome!  Thank you for checking in! 

    I MISS YOU. I'm not kidding.

    I hope you are safe. 

    All assignments will be posted in Canvas modules.  

    Briefly, students are expected to log in each day.  

    Our in-person Meetings are on Mondays and Thursdays.  I will update our times on Friday afternoon.  Teachers still need to confirm times with one another.  

    M= Must Do this. Mandated. Meaningful work that you must turn in for a grade.  You must submit these assignments in CANVAS by Friday at 1:00.   

    Everything in black is simply Enrichment or Boredom Busters.  These assignments are not busy work.  They can be completed at any time.  I made them for you.  They are meaningful,  I've got some labs and cooking.  I've also got some nature hikes. I may go catch some critters.   

    I likely will show you how to fill out the Census, a job application, and tax forms. Why not? 

    Anyway, I've started reading you a book.  I chose a novel that my son made me read when he was in 8th grade and I was teaching him 8th grade science. He said, "Mom, you've got to read this. It's hilarious." At the time, he was actively trying to drive me insane.  He was chasing girls, playing three sports, and working my last nerve.  That book means a lot to me. I just dug it out of his abandoned room that I probably should be packing up now that he's grown.  I miss him and my daughter, too. 

    Your video lessons may also teach you that I have too many cats.   

    Always remember,


    And check Canvas.... MODULES!!!