• Welcome to the 8th grade


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    10:00-10:20: Block 1 check-in, breakfast

    10:20-10:55: Encore 1

    10:55-11:30: Encore 2

    11:30-12:35 : Block 1 Class (This is listed as your first core class on your schedule, or the course that has a 16A beside it.)

    12:35-1:00: Lunch (with Block 2 class if in building)

    1:00-205 : Block 2 Class (This is listed as your second core class on your schedule, or the course that has a 17A beside it.)

    2:05-3:10 : Block 3 Class (This is listed as your third core class on your schedule, or the course that has 18A beside it.)

    3:10-4:15 : Block 4 Class (This is listed as your fourth core class on your schedule, or the course that has a 19A beside it.)


    Hello Everyone,

                My name is Amy Mead I am teaching three, eighth grade English Language Arts classes and one, Social Studies class.  This is my second year to teach at Graham Middle School   I am excited to be here and have the opportunity to work with your child.  I look forward to meeting and working with you throughout the school year.  We have a unique opportunity to learn in this time of Covid-19.  Let’s make this part of our educational journey together, an experience to remember.  After all, we are making history.      

    Let me tell you a little about myself.  I grew up in Gladwin, Michigan then moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. I raised my family and went to college in Arkansas.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.  I moved back to Michigan after my children were grown, to be closer to family.  While in Michigan, I was a substitute teacher for five school districts until I got a permanent position, working with English Language Learners.  I then became a Middle School Language Arts teacher.  I collaborated with other teachers in a new program called “Beyond the Book”.  We tutored students in small groups to help them advance in areas they needed help.  I also facilitated as the Quiz Bowl Advisor and volunteered for the middle school track team.  In the meantime my son and his family have lived in the Triangle Area for over ten years and have tried to convince me to move here.  Well, in April of last year, I finally did.  I am happy to call this area home.  I am eager to begin the next chapter of my life while doing something I love; helping your children flourish and learn.

    Middle school brings many changes in the lives of your sons and daughters.  They are becoming their own person, establishing new friends and growing as an individual.  This is the time they transition from being children to becoming responsible adults.  Each child’s journey through middle school is different.  Together, we can make this an exciting journey, one they with look back on and remember. 

    Please know that as I teach your child throughout this school year, I will view them as the unique individual that they are.  I want to encourage growth, not only in their mind, but as human beings.  I realize you have entrusted me with the education of your child, and as such, I will treat them with respect.  As a mother of two grown kids and “Gamma” to six grandbabies, I know the importance of raising well-rounded, balanced, successful people.  It is my honor to help in any way I can in the development of your child.

    Again, it is my pleasure to serve your child and your family as we work together to ensure your child’s success.

    Thank you,


    Amy Mead                                                                                                                                                                                              Eighth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

    Graham Middle School