• Welcome to my webpage!  My name is Tammy Knight and I am a Science Teacher. 
    To contact me, please call 336-570-6161 or email Tammy_knight@abss.k12.nc.us


    This webpage will be updated with new information frequently!! Pleae plan to visit often - especially during the school outage beginning 3/16/20!! If you have missed an update, there is a log of updates in Handouts.


    Update on 4/2/2020:


    Physical Science - 1A


    Keep working on your assigned APEX modules!! The due dates assigned to them are aligned with the A-day/B-day schedule and will be reflected in Powerschool. If you have an oops on a module (a failed score), let me know - I can do a limited number of resets. If you miss a due date, you will see a that in Powerschool but please know it is not permanent. Adjustments will be made when modules are completed.


    I am so appreciative of those already working at pace and that I have made contact with as many of you as I have. Keep up the good work!!


    I also respect that there are some that have family priorities that are making it difficult to do so....please know that all is repairable when family priorities shift. All APEX work is self-paced and while modules will show overdue, they remain open to complete.


    I also included a "fun" assignment (Physical Science Stress Reliever) that you are welcome to submit for extra credit - it is a graphic that summarizes all of the components in Physical Science. It can be therapeutic for you or can be a way to engage a younger family member to help you!! If you choose to do it, submit it with the "artist" holding it!!!


    Chemistry - 2A/4A/5B/7B/8B


    Thank you for your gas laws and heat/calorimetry assignments!!! We are now ready to dive back into Chemical Reactions - starting with a review of balancing chemical equations and determinng types of chemical reactions. 


    I am placing the first 2 assignments in the Handouts (Types and Balancing 1 & 2) and will be sending them out via Remind/email this morning. These are REVIEW assignments but if you need to be reminded how to determine type or how to balance, let me know....I would be glad to do a quick review session via Remind or Zoom. I will also be dropping some "whiteboard" notes on types/balancing in Handouts as well as the day progresses - these will be more detailed than you need for these two assignments but could serve as resources.


    Because these first two are REVIEW assignments, I tried to incorporate a "fun" element that I hope you will appreciate in these intense times. Types and Balancing 1 has a colorful component that can be therapeutic for you or can be a way to engage a younger family member to help you!! Types and Balancing 2 is a virtual escape room and can be done in groups of up to 3 people!!


    For Types and Balancing 1, please minimally submit the 10-problem worksheet - work shown should include a start and end count for the equation balanced. Selfishly I hope some will commit to the art work that goes with it and submit that as well! If you submit art work, the photo should include who the "artist" is!!!!


    For Types and Balancing 2, please submit the Level 1 "fishing" sheet with highlighted (different color for each letter) connections between letters and numbers, the Level 2 completed puzzle with start/end counts shown, the Level 3 work page with start/end counts shown, and the completed final summary page. You can do this with partners (a group of 3 maximum)  if you like - if you do, pick a team leader who will submit all the parts of the assignment together to me - each partner should have responsibility for completing one part of the assignment and should be in the photo of their completed part!!


    Types and Balancing 1 & 2 are due to me by Thursday, 4/9 BEFORE spring break!! These will be some of the first grades for Q4!!!


    I am also placing 2 extra assignments in Handouts (League of Assassins and Mystery of Moles Flight 1023) - again, trying to incorporate a "fun" element that I hope you will appreciate in these intense times. These can be completed to replace a missed lab for Q3 and/or for extra credit towards your mole assessment that several of you did not have the opportunity to complete before school closed. Consider it an open book option that can gain you as much as a letter grade on the assessment.  For those who have no missed lab grades or who don't need the assessment bump, it would count as straight extra credit for Q3!! You MUST submit all calculation work in order for the assignments to be graded!!!


    Because these are Q3 options, you will need to submit them by the end of the day Monday, 4/6 so that I can add them to Powerschool before I submit grades on 4/9!