• Welcome to my webpage! I hope you and your family are healthy and well. During COVID-19 all of my classes are to complete the Wellness and Nutrition Module within the Applied Education System. Enrollment codes are listed below: 


    1 (A) - Health/PE                     Enrollment Code: UKGKQ

    3 (A) - Sports Ed I & II             Enrollment Code: EPZS6 (the letter "S")

    4 (A) - Health/PE                     Enrollment Code: XZXME

    5 (B) - Health/PE                     Enrollment Code: HN5XR (the number "5")

    7 (B) - Health/PE                     Enrollment Code: X5HKN (the number "5"")

    8 (B) - Health/PE                     Enrollment Code: DB28E 


    Complete the following steps to enroll:

    1) Go to https://learn.aeseducation.com/

    2) Create a "new student account"

    3) Enter your class enrollment code (see above) and enter necessary personal information/data

    4) Complete the following modules INCLUDING the electronic worksheets AND quizzes: Wellness (18 worksheet questions), Nutrition (51 worksheet questions), Healthcare (7 worksheet questions), Stress and Planning for Wellness (13 worksheet questions). Electronic worksheets must be completed to avoid a 0 quiz grade. You are allowed two quiz attempts however, you must wait 15 min. between quiz attempts. Your highest quiz grade will be the grade keyed into Powerschool. There is not a multiple attempt option for the test so please make sure you feel confident about the content before you take it.


    Assignment Due Dates/Deadlines are as follows:

    AES Enrollment -  April 2nd midnight (80%)

    Wellness Electronic Worksheet & Quiz -  April 9th midnight (20%)

    Nutrition Electronic Worksheet & Quiz -  April 23rd midnight (20%)

    Healthcare Electronic Worksheet & Quiz - April 30th midnight (20%)

    Stress and Planning Electronic Worksheet & Quiz - May 7th midnight (20%)

    Module Test will open 5/14/20  - Due by midnight (80%)


    Please e-mail me for assistance/questions (candace_west@abss.k2.nc.us). If you need WiFi access, contact Charter Communications at 844-488-8395. If you are having login issues try logging into Google Chrome as a guest &/or use another device to enroll/work such as a phone, tablet, etc.