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    Jarvis Morgan
    This is my second school year teaching as an EC inclusion teacher. I am from Charlotte, NC. I attend West Rowan High School 2012 graduate. I am a alumni of Winston- Salem State University. I serve as a member of the Eastern Alamance football coaching staff as the Wide Receivers Coach, as well as a member of the basketball coaching staff. If you have any questions, feel free contact me by email or telephone. 
    When setting life goals "If you aim higher & come up short, you'll still over achieve your dreams. If you aim low and fall short you'll never succeed". - Jarvis Morgan #UnfinishedBusiness
    Daily Schedule:
    1st period: Mrs. Knight ( Math 2)
    2nd period: Mrs. Knight( Foundations of Math 2)
    3rd period: Planning
    4th period: Mrs. Underwood (Math 3)
    Homeroom zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82891518540?pwd=THFxWHZSeStZc3lIQXhLMjh6K1ViUT09
    Phone: 704-301-8427
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