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    • Begin course by clicking on the course listed.  If you make a 70 or higher on a pretest then you are exempt from that unit.
    • You have 2 attempts on quizzes
    • If you get locked out of quizzes or tests, email me at jimmie_burgess@abss.k12.nc.uc 
    • I will be available during school hours only!
    • Go over the study which is prior to each quiz before you take the quiz.
    • Log on daily and work hard ….you can finish the course early.
    • Keep up with due dates so you don’t get behind which will make your grade go down.


    Occasionally, I will put announcements on your Apex page.  Announcements are on the far RIGHT of the screen.  I have already put a Welcome announcement in there for you.


    Some of you need to complete 2 courses in Apex this semester, so as soon as you finish your first course I will place you in your next course.  https://abss.zoom.us/j/84101483336 This is our Zoom link for you to log into each day so I can take attendance and we can discuss any concerns/questions you may have.  Each day I will turn Zoom on and it will notify me when someone has joined me.  Please Zoom with me so we can get to know each other!


    Please email me a contact phone number for you and any parent contact information that may not be in powerschool.  


    Email me if you need anything!  You can do this so let’s go get that credit for your course.


    Looking forward to working with you!

    Mr. Burgess