• School Nurse  
    Welcome to my website!  My name is Connie Deming and I am a graduate of Valdosta State University.  I have been a nurse for over 30 years  and a school nurse for ABSS for 8 years.  I serve Woodlawn Middle School and Pleasant Grove Elementary.  My primary goal is to keep your child healthy and safe at school.  I case manage and train other staff to care for your child if he/she has a chronic health condition or becomes ill at school.  I look forward to working with you and your child.   I  can be reached at  :

    Woodlawn Middle School (919)563-3222 

    Pleasant Grove Elementary (336)421-3701


  • The Student Support Services Team's role includes serving as advocate, coordinator, consultant, and liaison between school, home, and the community.  Student support staff influence school policies and work to create system change. 

    The team includes the school nurse, school social worker, school counselor(s), prevention specialist, and high school drop out prevention specialist.  The school psychologist also works closely with the team.  

    The goal of the Student Support Staff in the Alamance-Burlington School System is to assist our schools in helping students to have positive school experiences by reducing barriers academically, emotionally, and physically.


    Our mission is to ensure that all students, regardless of race, religion, national or ethic origin, color, age, disability, socioeconomic status or gender are served equally.  We empower students and their families.

    *In keeping with ethical standards, we keep in confidence personally identifiable information regarding students and/or their family members that has been obtained in the course of professional service; unless disclosure is required or permitted by law or professional standards or is necessary for the personal safety of the student or others.*