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    Ray Street Academy

    The Ray Street Academy opened its doors for the 2012-2013 school year and welcomed new students into a redesigned alternative educational program.  The school is located at 609 Ray Street in Graham, North Carolina.

    The purpose of the Ray Street Academy is to provide a preventive option for students in the Alamance Burlington School System to re-focus their academics and to get back on track to graduate.  Ray Street Academy has served over 300 students since opening its doors.  Ray Street is a non-traditional school serving students in grades 6-12 from all six high and middle schools in the district with a focus on academics and technology.  We accept students who are self-referrals, parent requested referrals and students who have been recommended for long term suspension from their home schools. 

    Students are admitted to the Ray Street Academy through an application process.  Home school administrators complete the application and send it to the Academy for review.  The review committee consists of the administration at RSA, a district representative from Student Services, EC Director, and the home school administration.  The intake of new students involves a meeting with the student, their parents or guardians, as well as administrative staff from both schools.  Students complete a 45 day, five leveled program and then are reconsidered for readmission to their home school.  Some students choose to stay at RSA for the entire school year.

    The staff is dedicated to provide quality educational opportunities for our students through the co-teaching platform with a focus on student engagement.  We provide opportunities for our students to give back to our community by participating in community outreach programs such as the Executive Men's Club, the Ambassador Program, or participation in the Key Club.

    The Ray Street Academy is proud to operate with a mentor-mentee program where every student on our campus meets with their mentor twice daily.  The purpose of these meetings is to check the status of the student's day and to have conversations regarding their progress.  We believe in building relationships with our students to assure their well-being while on our campus.