• GMS Houses are multi-grade teams of students and staff that participate in academic challenges that reinforce educational excellence, encourage attendance and participation in school and extra-curricular events, as well as build relationships that will last throughout students’ entire middle school career. Graham Middle School is divided among five different houses. Teachers, students, and administration all belong to one of these five historic houses.



    Pathos is represented by the color red. The House of Pathos has several different characteristics that represent its members. Pathos have a passion for life and determination for what they put their minds to. The House of Pathos does not sit on the sidelines; they are inventive and active. Those of you who are lucky enough to be chosen into the house of Pathos will be called to share your talents, passion and determination to make GMS a better place through the course of the year.


    The House of Kahraman is represented by the color black. Are you a natural leader? If so, this may be the house fate will choose for you. Those chosen for the House of Kahraman are generous and giving and true patriots, who are devoted to GMS and to their country. Those in the House of Kahraman are chivalrous leaders, encouraging and modeling polite and gallant behavior. 


    Intrepidus is represented by the color green. The qualities of the House of Intrepidus are fearlessness, intelligence and focus. The House of Intrepidus also calls all performers. If you enjoy acting, are focused enough to memorize lines, and are fearless enough to be on stage, Intrepidus is the house for you.


    Brioso is represented by the color purple. Those who are chosen by the House of Brioso are spirited and full of life. They are engaged and committed to what they do. They are also faithful and cannot be steered from their path. Most in the House of Brioso are creative. If you are lucky enough to be chosen to the House of Brioso, let your spirit soar, take flight, and raise GMS to new heights.


    Huduma is represented by the color blue. Those chosen for the House of Huduma are compassionate with a desire to help others through community service. They are also courageous and resourceful. They make the most out of simple things and will most likely lift you up with a smile and a kind word. It is the destiny of those in House Huduma to make GMS and the world a better place.