• Parent Assistant


    Parent Assistant allows parents to access student information via any Internet connection at work or at home. Parent Assistant uses web access to serve the family and improve the effectiveness of the communication between teachers and parents. It is your choice as a parent if you choose to use this tool; however, this tool does not take the place of direct contact with teachers and staff at the school who work with your child each day.

    Key Benefits of Parent Assistant are:

    §  Increased Home-School Communication

    §  Increased Parent Involvement 

    §  Real-time Student Progress Reporting (Seven days a week, 24 hours a day)

    §  Language choices (English, French, Spanish)

    §  Universal and Secure Data Access


    The following types of data can be viewed in PAM:

    • Demographics (Depending on custody or living with status)
    • Emergency Contacts (Depending on custody or living with status)
    • Transportation Data (If it exists in the system)
    • Attendance
    • Assessments
    • Credits Earned To Date
    • Current Progress
    • Marks/Grades
    • Courses
    • Non-School Days
    • Student Schedule



    Parent Assistant gives custodial parents the ability to review academic progress as well as request changes online for certain Demographic and Emergency Contact information for their children.  Non-custodial parents and students may view grades only. If you are the custodial parent and live at the same address as your child/children, you will need only one User ID and Password to access the data on your child/children. You will need to provide each school in which you have a child enrolled with a list of all siblings in your family. This will be done through an updated information sheet that will be sent home with each child at the start of the school year.

    If you are a custodial parent or guardian who has not received Parent Assistant Module account access information, you may request it at PAM Help Email. Please include the name(s) of your child(ren) in the email.
    The Parent Assistant Module is available now.