• Excused Educational Absences

    Parents must provide a written request using the appropriate form to Mrs. Wroblewski at least two weeks in advance in order for a team review of the request.  


    The decision to excuse (in part or in full) will be documented with the child’s homeroom teacher and data manager for accurate record keeping.  Requests received during or after the trip will be denied.  For all parents, especially parents of 3-5 students, please do not plan vacations during the weeks of benchmark testing, EOG testing or remediation/retesting weeks.  This is highly disruptive to the student and the overall testing process.




    How to make a request

    Obtain an  Educational Absence Request Approval Form from the front office.  

    Requests should provide details on how the trip will reinforce the curriculum under study in the current grade of the child.  While many experiences are educational, the parameters for an excused absence are intended to reinforce curriculum standards or afford a unique opportunity such as an academic or athletic competition.  Please visit the curriculum section of the ABSS website for current grade level standards to align your reason s for requesting the time away to grade level standards.  Note:  Family trips to Disney, long weekends at the beach or mountains as well as family reunions and celebrations are not reasons to request excused absences for educational opportunity.

    The following information will be needed in order to fill out the request form.

    1. Name of Student
    2. Home Room Teacher
    3. Date(s) of trip and number of school days that will be missed
    4. The educational opportunity that the student will participate in
    5. Specific grade level standards the trip will reinforce
    6. Specific activities the child will be engaged with that align with the standards
    7. Parent contact information
    8. The request must also acknowledge that nothing could replace the contact time in the classroom and that additional parental support may be needed to complete missed assignments.  Missing direct classroom instruction may lead to misunderstandings of content ultimately impacting grades on assessments.